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capitrequests's Journal

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cap_it requests
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Welcome to the Cap It Request Community!

In an effort to keep the requests better organized, this community was born. Before joining and posting your request content, please take a few moments to read the rules and don't forget to browse the memories to see if your movie choice has already been requested.


Be polite and friendly. Please keep in mind that those kind enough to fill your request are doing it of the kindness within themselves and in sacrifice of their own free time. Being polite in your request will probably be more appealing to someone browsing the memories the demanding the whole thing now.

Check memories before requesting. Each movie/ cartoon/ television show... etc will have it's own section in the memories. Be sure to browse the titles and entries within BEFORE making your request. Also, please be sure to check memories to the MAIN community. Maybe what you want is already in there.

Requests are to be made in a new post to THIS community. Your request will be filed neatly away within the memory section of this community for people to look for quickly and in an organized manner. So, there are to be no comments requesting a movie, if there is a memory already with your selection either leave it alone or feel free to expand on specifics with a new post. Please be as specific as you can in your requests.

One request per post only Again, since every request is put into the memories for better organization, only one request will be accepted per post to make it easier on the people looking through them, and easier to add them to the memories. Exceptions are made for multiple episodes/scenes of a single television show.

Do not request repeatedly All requests are added to the memories. There is no reason to request over and over.

Titles are to be posted in the SUBJECT LINE For memory and browsing purposes, it is easier for someone to look at a title to catch their eye rather than reading the whole post to figure out what you want.

Screencaps are posted to the MAIN community If you have screencaps to post in response to someone's request, be sure to note their user name and post the caps in the main community: cap_it

Keep all posts on topic. There are often questions people have on how to screencap and etc. These should be directed to the main community.

No sticky caps or netspeak. A majority of people can not understand when you tYpE LyK dIz or when using a long string of plzkthx... so don't do it. If no one understands what you want then there is no point.

Keep this G-rated No requests for movies above a rating of R will be accepted. This along with cap_it aim to remain as G-rated as possible. And while that is rather difficult in the current age, we ask that you keep all nudity and inappropriate subject matter to other communities. This includes your icons.

Watch your spoilers When posting requests for movies, please be courteous and put all spoilers (things that would ruin the movie for someone who hadn't seen it) behind an lj-cut with a warning. Please also make sure the icons you post with contain no spoilers.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the following mods:


The memory mods are:

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