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Child's Play

Hi I was wondering, can anyone make some Child's Play 1,2 and 3 screencaps? I can only ever find some of Curse of Chucky and bride of Chucky. While those are great, would also love some from the first ones.

Thanks in advance! :)

Help Please

Hi there,
I was wondering does anyone here do screencaps of Video Games? I was looking for some screencaps of Resident Evil 5 and 6 and maybe 4  but I don't know anyone who does video games. If someone could pretty please help me out I would be eternally greatful to them.


Could someone please post caps (zip files) from the series SUITS Season 6 ???
I love this series, yet I find nowhere screencaps let alone zip files. Will be no one to take pity and do what?
You have No Idea

Sherlock Victorian Special and The Imitation Game

I was wondering if someone could cap The Abominable Bride - The BBC Sherlock Victorian Special that aired 1st January.

I was also wondering if anyone could cap The Imitation Game the Alan Turing movie.

Infact any film or TV with Mr Cumberbatch :)

But mostly the The Abominable Bride as I am looking to make some art for a story.

Ultimate Spider-Man Screencaps

Hi there,
I was wondering....is there anyone around here that would be interested in doing screencaps of the cartoon called Ultimate Spider-Man (it's from the year 2012 - presant day).  I was looking for screencapps of seasons 1-2 of all the episodes or at least as many as you're willing to do. Pretty please. Anyone??


I need to make a request about something.......

I'd like to make a request about something. I'm wondering if you have any connections to a Chicago-based entertainment journalist, freelance writer, or blogger, who wants no money, who may be close friends with Oprah Winfrey, or Steve Harvey, who is legit, who has integrity, who's an up-and-comer, who doesn't have to make me famous, and who can interview me about my three topics that are about soap opera stars making music and collaborating with ALL my faves in the music-business, music-wise. Now, I'm not looking for a hotshot journalist, blogger, or writer to make me famous, because, again, I don't want to be famous.; I just want to be inspiring. A local freelance writer, journalist, or blogger, is so hard to find, that's why I've chosen the mood, "frustrated", but, if you know that someone, please, feel free to let me know, and I'll e-mail to her, or him, about my life, and what my three topics are. Thank you very much.

 Have an awesome rest of the weekend.